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21 Sep
Digital Marketing Manager 100%

Für unseren Hauptsitz in Ecublens (VD) suchen wir per sofort einen: Digital Marketing Manager 100% (W/M)

  Management, Marketing  Ecublens, Switzerland

 Full-time  21.09.2018  Ends on 24.11.2018

Last seen on 01.01.1970 01:00

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26 Jul
Digital Marketing Specialist

We’re looking for the person who’d prefer to communicate via Twitter because phone calls are just so 2001. The geek who sees stories in numbers and insights in data, an analytical geek. The geek who loves social media and digital, because life is not analog anymore.

  Marketing  Bellville, South Africa

 Full-time  26.07.2018  Ends on 26.07.2019

Last seen on 01.01.1970 01:00

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03 Apr
E-mail Marketing Specialist

As an E-mail Marketing Specialist, you’ll be responsible for the company’s e-mail strategy according to the company guidelines. You’ll create improvement plans for the current processes and as well think of the future and define the next steps. You’ll be the soul of our e-mail system, since you’ll be the one who takes care of all the letters we’re sending out and our e-mail database (Emarsys).

  Marketing  Budapest, Hungary

 Full-time  03.04.2018  Ends on 26.07.2019

Last seen on 01.01.1970 01:00

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