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We receive high volumes of resumes in response to an advertised position. Do you want your resume to shine, attract and be heard? Start by including a well written cover letter, then follow these resume guidelines to create an interview winning resume.

  • Keep it short and simple: Your resume and cover letter should fit onto two to five pages and shouldn’t include too much information on one page.
  • Appearances count: Keep the formatting of your resume simple by using bullet points and formatting with clear open space. Stay away from fancy covers and fonts; use easy to read fonts such as 12 point Arial.
  • Proofread: Get someone else to proofread your resume for spelling, the correct use of language and factual errors before you submit it.
  • Be honest: A resume is more than a collection of facts, but facts are extremely important. Always provide the truth, and be prepared to provide evidence to verify what you have stated in your resume.
  • Be concise: Your ability to briefly summarise your skills, strengths and accomplishments make your resume stronger. Interviews provide the opportunity to go into further detail.
  • Current: Keep your resume up to date and continuously amend it as your situation and experiences change. Also ensure your employment details are noted clearly for each position you have held.

Remember, your resume is just one piece of a larger recruiting process. However, it is the first impression and therefore it is very important.


  • Remember the reason for the interview: As part of a larger recruitment process, an interview is held to share information from your past experiences and for both parties to learn more about each other. The interview provides you with the opportunity to show us that you have the skills and attitude for the position and that you are the best person for the job.
  • Research: The more you find out about Steinhoff and the position you are applying for, the better your chances are. Our website, provides information on our company and businesses.
  • Address the job criteria: Review the job criteria and identify specific examples in your previous jobs or other professional dealings where you can match your experience to the specific job criteria. This is the opportunity for you to display your skills, experience, how you can add value to Steinhoff and why you are the most suitable person for the job.
  • Review your resume: Before the interview, review your resume and be prepared to answer questions about your goals, decisions, experience and accomplishments that have shaped your career up until this point in time.
  • Rehearse: Think about some of the questions you are likely to be asked and practice your answers out loud. This will clarify your thinking beforehand, and help you stay composed during the actual interview.
  • Prepare questions: Interviews also provide the opportunity for you to find out more about the company and to ask questions about the position. One effective way of demonstrating your interest is by researching the company/business and the position and asking questions at the interview. Information on our website will help you research our company.
  • Follow through: Sending an email after an interview is a good way to set yourself apart from competition. Good professional manners go a long way in business.